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Ebay Auction Report

This was my very first experience with Ebay and it was terrifying! So Much STUFF!!!!! Very intimidating for me. Since my garment is off a hippie style from the late 60ís I made a search for Vintage Clothing Hippie. I learned that Vintage means anything before the 1980ís. This narrowed my search tremendously from close to 400 pages to about 13 pages. From here it was easy to find clothing close to my study garment. There was a lot of Retro Hippie clothing, (which I kind of thought was a contradiction in terms) and neon jumpsuit types of things. But if I weeded through enough of the weird 60ís psychedelic stuff I could find some decent hippie clothing that was either the same style or matched well with my hippie skirt. Many of the colors were light colors or earth tones unlike my garment which has a very saturate green with tans, burgundy and gold embroidery. I could not find the great hand embroidered skirt that I found a few days ago however which really upset me because it was the same style almost exactly from mine. There were many items in my search that I simply would not classify as hippie clothing. Such as the neon jumpsuits or the glittery platform shoes, or even the matching skirt and halter top made out of polyester paisley print. It amazes me what people classify as hippie, because when I think of hippie I think of free-flowing comfortable pure colors and natural materials. I liked the pictures, I think that is what caught my eye first, and it was rare that I looked at a page that didnít supply a picture in the initial search. The only thing that I didnít like was that there were little to know close-up pictures that would be able to show me what the embroidery or seam lines really looked like. It makes me question the words, ďGood Condition and Excellent Shape.Ē But here are some neat Ebay sights that I thought either went well with the skirt I am studying or where in the same genre.

Very Nice Bohemian Hippie Shirt

Very Cool Paisley Hippie Skirt

Mexican Hippie Shirt Relates Greatly To My Garment

Mexican Hippie Skirt, Check out the embroidery!

Hippie Skirt